Tenaka stuff

So, school is coming. Hello XD im back 8) im a bit nervous since im going to a new school....

My god i havent posted in forever! NOTE: i like to draw ans so but i dont hsve so much time now....

Why im i not drawing as much!!!!!! :( i need ideas.

Mistletoe Christmas Emo

Merry early christmas! I cant believe im getting a 101art case! Yeeeeeee! What are you guys getting?

Snake-foul Cat-nightstar Girl-Tenaka A. Orochi

Ya, she got no eye. She lost it when she was bullyed at six. Since then she has no honor in the...

Tenaka is in yugioh and pokemon Some one what tenaka or there charater in a show?

"Better by far to embrace the hard truth than a reassuring fable."
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