created and destroyed, using 'Draw'

"I'm a creator, this is my uniform! This is how I serve the common man!" ...

Stench Stounche

Play this music, then open the drawing video in a new tab!

Landslide Tsunami Wild fire

A lone traveller and his camels pulls a newly found treasure over the Dust Dunes desert, unaware of ...

idea to this hatched from a flower submitted by uneek Here is a GIF:

Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Witch from the olden times (newer then Jesus, older then Sabrina the teenage witch)

Scene from an irish movie. It would have been better if their accent wasn't so strong, i barely got ...

From a dream. Memory of it recovered by recent drawings uploaded by Chihihihiro, which also ...


Scene from the movie Nightcrawler, here's some music for the picture

so this will be all explained tomorrow, but its people having trouble on a space station in space, ...

used Midnightstories eyecolor as referance

2019's Glam

I continued on Budgie's sketch: ...

Crane Cráné

It's a crane crane. Here's a song by Cranes:

Terminator 2 Fluffy jacket Waterloo

It's a baby seal giving birth to our holy protector in the sky - the flying turkey pie

Purple Blue

you wont land in the water if you jump off that bridge [EDIT] it may only seem so from this angle


sketch of expressions from the bathroom scene

For Nathalie's sister kerosene. (and also for me, everything I do is for me)

Bunny boy Planting A Bomb

Happy Hour every 30min! (happy hour = water a plant of your choice. Don't forget to add a pink ...

(OBS! some exemples may be soul leeching, please turn in faulty wisp's for quick slaughter and free ...

"If we crave some cosmic purpose, then let us find ourselves a worthy goal."
Carl Sagan
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