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hello??????? im on here again after 80 years??????? i still cant work this site tho lmaoooo

It's Been a while since I've been here and not everything is working corcelly at the moment

just wanted to get it out of my drive finally heheh. I left my tablet back home, so won't be ...

Its totally blind and uses only its sense of smell to find lint to consume

I think I'll just take a break from here. Maybe forever? I don't know. I was happy to get this app. ...

Text Black and white Font Structure Monochrome Line Design Product Logo

so proud to be a member of Sketchport for this long thank you Sean for building an AWESOME website ...


So uhhhh I don't really know how anything here works and the settings suck for me right now. So ...

"Good judgement seeks balance and progress. Lack of it eventually finds imbalance and frustration."
President Eisenhower
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