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I've invented a game in case anybody else here uses Duolingo, which is a great site if you want to learn French, Spanish, German, or Italian. They have some strange phrases that don't really make sense in English, especially without context. Your goal is to take the phrase, and give it a context where it makes sense. Then make a quick drawing describing the situation it would be used in.

"La mujer dejaba a su hijo correr." = The woman used to let her son run. —  magicalhobo
"Yo dejaba la comida en esa casa." = I used to leave the food at that house. —  magicalhobo
"Según ella, esos niños quieren mi camisa." = According to her, those boys want my shirt. —  magicalhobo
"Ils ont mangé leur professeur." = They ate their teacher. —  magicalhobo
"Il à envoyé une boîte." = He sent a box. —  magicalhobo
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