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This is it! Here are the 100 drawings of 2015:

   100. ArchBishop by SouMiSt
   99. Elmo know where you live by idk
   98. Devil In A New Dress by Moneey.
   97. Pearl by Christianna
   95. TAKE A MELODY, SIMPLE AS CAN BE by Solidness Good (aka Mother Meme)
   94. Cherry Blossom (2) by Ichiban Yada
   93. Hearts by Aquarelle
   92. Thinking about existence by Zakeena
   91. Termites eating churches by Daedroth
   90. Face and Feeling by Chris
   89. Gnome by Luna Sea
   87. Public Enemy by Liar and Mouldy Sponge
   86. WATER MELON SEASON by Azzah B.A.
   85. Sweet On The Inside by Liar
   84. The Nature Spirit by Zakeena
   83. Pale by Luna Sea
   82. Healing by OfC
   81. Charcoal Bastions by Hababoon
   80. Litchi meets Lunar ! by xLitchi
   79. sketch746b2 by Erythrocyte .
   78. ocean by Azzah B.A.
   77. antantant by borkikoWithCapital
   76. Faille by Effé
   75. The Floating Castle by Midnightstories
   74. Le Ciel d’Amour by Soniwoni
   73. Quick Landscape by UneekL4ever
   72. Cat. by Rebeccarawrr
   71. Snow Owl (2) by Ichiban Yada
   70. Lights in the Sky by UneekL4ever
   69. Early Morn by UneekL4ever
   68. Bonsai by Chris
   67. Faerie Magick by *Bunny Boy* and ºGibberellic Acidº
   66. Me by Luna Sea
   65. Blue Jay by Ichiban Yada
   64. Heraldic Griffin by Lazarus
   63. Professional Hog Hunter by thewalkingdude
   62. oh deer by Daedroth
   61. On The Edge Of The Galaxy by Kube
   60. The Ceiling Ventilator by Morbid Mumbles
   59. phoenix by Anubis
   58. We’ve got a Million Memories by Daedroth
   57. The Seahorse and the Swamp by Crevasse and thewalkingdude
   56. Rainbows and kittens and sparkles by Azzah B.A.
   55. Pollination by Lunar Eclipse
   54. Ladybug by Lunar Eclipse
   53. Piranha by Ichiban Yada
   52. Yellow M&Ms by thewalkingdude
   51. two in one fill tool test by Krissie
   50. Crev the seahorseman by *Riff is
   49. Whoops… by ºGibberellic Acidº
   48. White Swan, Black Swan by Ichiban Yada
   47. Party Monster by Liar
   46. Nathalie Twentysix by Liar
   45. Liar the Sorcerer troll by *Riff is 
   44. ~Along the Coast~ by *Bunny Boy*
   43. Guard the Imperial by 117
   42. Irregular Pulse by Chris
   41. Old man and the sunset. by Azzah B.A.
   40. a melting dog by *Riff is
   39.  by *Riff is
   38. On The Edge Of The Galaxy by Kube
   37. vulpis by Mouldy Sponge
   36. Creep in the Cell by Liar
   35. Now What? By UneekL4ever
   34. Jem! By *Riff is
   33. Petal Metal by Liar
   32. Super Psychic Nerd Girl (Alternate coloring) by ºGibberellic Acidº
   31. la fée Absynthe by *Riff is
   30. Thinking about existence by Zakeena
   29. Over the Garden Wall by *Bunny Boy*
   28. Tonight by Avalanto
   27. Finish the Sky 7 by Lunar Eclipse
   26. waiting by ºGibberellic Acidº
   25. Jareth by Morbid Mumbles
   24. Thunderforce IV by Budgie
   23. Damn sketchport has some good color system by chr1s23
   22. Buffalo Vision by Liar
   21. Dive in by Ruth Lesslie
   20. Ms Hell by UneekL4ever and Liar
   19. Station L14R and UN33K Space Sector by UneekL4ever and Liar
   18. Lara Croft by *Riff is
   17. decaying leaf litter by Mouldy Sponge
   16. AM XXX Remote Control by Budgie
   15. pizza for papachan by Mouldy Sponge
   14. Television by Magicalhobo and Liar
   13. Trackpad Challenge by Nina
   12. Iguana by Magicalhobo
   11. Aurora Borealis by *Riff is

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Wow, nice work making this list! I won't say I'm that surprised in getting the 'Artist of the Year' title, I mean wipes tear from eye I really deserved it. Thank You!


Thanks for doing this, Nikko! I really did deserve cries a tear into Liar's eye the compliment award.


Thank you Johan and Sean for the positive feedback! ❤😁 You all really deserved you awards. I'm looking forward for the Best of 2016! 👍❤✏


Why is my drawing twice? XD on 61st and 38th place

Luna Sea:

Awesome, thanks Nikko!

"I wanted very much to learn to draw, for a reason that I kept to myself: I wanted to convey an emotion I have about the beauty of the world."
Richard Feynman
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