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This is a really simple idea, tell a short story or poem with less words possible. Don't go over 500 characters and keep it 100 words.

First Job interview

> I have meaningless days, i have been through every shade of blue, I
> have an anxiety issue. I have to speak. The room was silent for almost
> a minute, I have spent two years of my life waiting for this moment.
> i felt it coming closer and closer at my feet, "We will call you" she
> said. As I got my fist ready to punch her, I felt myself falling and than i woke up on the floor.

Ok, so this poem is 14 words over the max word count but oh well :3 The title is Violets and Roses.


Roses are red and violets are blue.

Though we are poisoned by fear, stifled by pain,

Though we pass through the old Psalms’ valley of the shadow of death,

The flowers still maintain their rich hue.

The circling vultures make their malevolent trip down from the skies above

To claim their pilfered prize,

But there’s still breath, still fight—the vultures are sent back to their flight.

And the great luminescent orb still rises,

And His goodness is freed from its various disguises.

Earth may bathe in men’s blood, the most ghastly shade of red,

And her inhabitants’ minds clouded in a mournful crestfallen blue,

Yet roses are still red.

Yet violets are still blue.


oh...I thought you meant 500 words. I just saw the 100 words :/, oh well again lol.


Imagine If...



If the land was sea,

The sky was green,

The sun was blue.

Imagine if this world was completely rearranged.

Imagine if malice was friendship, strife was harmony.

If the fish ruled the skies and the birds ruled the sea,

Then the anger that ruled you would be dethroned by the goodness locked somewhere deep inside,

And that goodness will open your eyes again, your heart again.

You'll give me your love again.

So I dream not for bright blue skies

Or pure brown earth.

I just,




Humans are dangerous creatures.

My fellow Pumpkian don't be fooled by their

appearance, wisdom and technological advances

These creatures live on one principal "Survival of the fittest"

they will kill and destroy their own achievements and goals just to gain a higher rank.

This behavior is embedded in their dna, their cognitive skills increase each time they replicate themselves.

They breathe in a flammable gas, this is a physiological process sometimes they also light that flammable gas to kill themselves with it.

Lastly, If one of them sees you, Do not run.Humans are self delusional creatures, they will denied the truth instead of accepting it.


Just something I came up with coming down from a high lol :3 :--

Time is a water that can't be contained, many have tried and they all died in vain. All one can do is take what they can, for the river of time waits for no man.


Madame Eve sat in the darkest corner of the tavern, her hands folded gently on her lap. She had nothing more than an untouched flagged of ale before her. She detested the brew, even the smell was enough to make her skin crawl. "You have the payment?" She asked as a small timid looking fat man approached her table. "How do you know what I..." Madame Even cut him off "I only offer one service this late at night, so do you have the payment?" "Yes." He said sitting the two coins on the table. She drew a symbol on one with the tip of her finger nail, leaving a thin scratch behind. "Now take it, and go, and if you don't already know how to use it, than you are out of luck." She pocketed the other coin and shewed him away. He took the coin in a scrap of fabric and hurried away.





Thinner and thinner,

Father and wider

Until it rips.


Until the thread starts popping

One by one,

Two by two,

Ten by ten.


Until there is no more to give.

Until there are no more strings to break.

Until there are no more holes to make.

And then it all unravels.


Nadi Noothgoose
BY: Papachan and A Kid Name Mike
George was walking through the hills,
By someone that is name Daniel Bills.
Many just said George is dumber than him,
Which is not a rim.
One day he met a girl name Nadi,
From an continent named Mali,
Noothgoose felt in love with George,
Which suddenly ends in orge,
They have 5 childrens named Abby, Laney, Richard, Ana, and Harold,
And one day they fight and got divorce some moral,
George never met Nadi again in never all.
Nadi took 3 girls and Harold, but George took Richard,
Who never have been rich herd. Abby is 12, Laney is 10, Richard is 9, Ana is 7, and Harold was 6,
Which is something to fix!
So then George murdered Richard,
And when he was found dead, George went to jail for the murder wizard and jailed to life
The end!

"As a professor of science, I assure you we did, in fact, evolve from filthy monkey-men."
Professor Farnsworth
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