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Fix It Hobo Jr.

Fix It Hobo Jr.

Drawn by Lunar Eclipse. Part of the album Delisted.

It still crashes for me in most browsers when clicking into the plugin area to draw - Update: found the reason why it crashes for me: Its the param wmode opaque setting! If I comment that out, its working.

Other persons have their issues too, and sadly, I know someone who gave the site a try but was annoyed by crashes too much.

© 2013 Lunar Eclipse. Public domain under CC0.

Wreck it Ralph Magicalhobo Adobe Flash

Haha this drawing is awesome. I didn't know it was still crashing for you. I'm pretty sure it's a combination of the wmode and wacom plugin. The wacom plugin isn't very stable. —  magicalhobo
@magicalhobo I don't have that wacom plugin installed (there's no for linux) - or do you mean some things you included into the swf to support that plugin? It's surely not the wmode alone, since it the swf is loaded and shows the hints, only crashes with the first click... —  Lunar Eclipse
@Lunar Eclipse I didn't realize it was loading, but crashed on click. I'm guessing the problem is that changing the frame rate with wmode opaque while the swf is running crashes on linux. I'll have something to test that soon. —  magicalhobo
Very cool, Lunar. :) I hope it quits self-destructing for you, I enjoy your drawings. —  Chris
Cool —  Papachan
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