Confused face :S

Confused face :S

Drawn by Paige using SketchPort for iPad.


First drawing on iPad :D

© 2013 Paige. Licensed under CC-BY.

very nice, I want to see more of these and maybe some colored ones too :D —  LittleFawn
thank you that's really kind :) I will try I'm not that good at blending colours on here yet though! —  Paige
it almost looks abstract, but there's just enough conformity to make it not abstract, if that makes sense :) what is undeniable is that this is a really creative drawing, good job :D —  Kevin
@Kevin Waring Thank you, I was going for abstract :) I was sick of the site of it by the end xD —  Paige
Love this. The face has such character! —  Jini
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