Time (in description)

Time (in description)

Drawn by Hababoon. Part of the album Artsy Fartsy Poems.


Time is a water that can't be contained, many have tried and they all died in vain.

All one can do is take what they can, for the river of time waits for no man.

© 2014 Hababoon. Licensed under CC-BY.

Time Poem

Lovely! —  Luna Sea
so profound. you need to sleep sometimes. ;) —  Zakeena
@Luna Sea @Zakeena Aw thanks guy, I was kinda high Dx <3 —  Hababoon
@Hababoon high might be goos sumetimes. I should try. :/ —  Zakeena
Nice. And it rhymed too! :D —  Zippy the Wonderslug
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