Ukrainian (Green its color of Life) Castle

Ukrainian (Green its color of Life) Castle

Drawn by Vomika. Part of the album Lakierski Materialski.



WE WONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN NO unions with Russia , US , EU | now just our Freeedom , Glory to UKRAINE , GLORY TO HEROES !!!!


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Mourning for all those who died for our freedom from gang, Those HUMANS WILL BE FOREVER AS HEROES ! GLORY TO UKRAINE ! GLORY TO HEROES ! Their LIFES which they put not afraiding bullets snipers not will forget.... UKRANIAN SLAVIAN NATION ! AND ALL PPL FROM OTHER NATIONS WHICH ALSO LIVE HERE WE ALL GOT THIS WON !!!!!!!!!!! WON FINALLY.... 82 KILLED ppl (its almost 100 Now they are called celestial hundred, if heaven existe i wish that they will live there in freedom and peace... R.I.P.) .... any tears not back them... between them were and ppl which not full ukranians like and i ukranian and greek on half. They payed by theirs lifes from idea , agnaist Gang which forget about develope sport , about helping ppl , which steals ours money , which killed ours ppl and put in prison leader of opposition , She today come out on freedom , our new president.... and first woman president in history (i know she promised union with EU but i for sure know we not need nobody for move to our freedom). I want to see STRONG UKRAINE , we not need any unions with nobody if we will be honestly before our nation and will not steal money then we can get anything. I agnaist union with EU and with Russia too , we should still Neutral. Ours tradition diffrents from traditions europeans, we christian country with oldest traditions so if EU will try by force or referendum make here in my land allowe gays and lesbians i will be not only one who will say No. we christians and even im not very believe human , our country not should change for someone , we so long not had our freedom now we will get it. No unions. Im not agnaist gays just what i saw here how some ppl just all time speak/joking around smoking drinking or dirt things (draw pics around nude smoking or dirt and not marked it as PG13 or as content not for kids) made me stop think that union with EU it what we really want/need (before i not afraided that coz i met in my life ppl like lesbians and they were from Green Peace , but here i for sad saw another), We needed freedom , then we needed nice control gouvernement , then we will get result.

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need be neutral but still to be friendly to all countries which will same show respect to US , Ukrainians.

© 2014 Vomika. All rights reserved.

brother of my dad when my father spoke with him by skype i asked my dad ask his bro which already long time live in Germany how he spend themself to gays and lesbians he said that those form of marriage allowed in all EU but personally he said those ppl have ill inside their mind , them need ignore. —  Vomika
so not only i think that what urs guys do put in public browse such pics ignoring mark them as sensetive content its only prove his words about ills. u can laugh about it or anything but i so think and many other and europeans too. if those type of marriages were allowed it not yet mean to allowe put in public all what u want , finally so u can get prison and it not joking. —  Vomika
Need be liberty but in same time still to be humans not monkeys coz on us look other ppl i not want that ppl and younger ppl teached that its normal to draw rude nude or pics around smoking and idc that someone can say to be open mind , draw those things will always call as not accept point. Positive style forever —  Vomika
I am so happy for you .. :D <3 —  Buttercup
@Buttercup THANK YOU SO MUCH ! —  Vomika
"There are all kinds of interesting questions that come from a knowledge of science, which only adds to the excitement and mystery and awe of a flower."
Richard Feynman
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