~Spring~ [beta] "Old Toshiba has crazy pixels"

~Spring~ [beta] "Old Toshiba has crazy pixels"

Drawn by Agent-Bunny-Boy.


~Work in progress. I took a walk for Easter time... April 27, 2016 I found a rock along trail; with memorandum:

Alex Forman Trail Dedication, January 9, 2010

"Lauren’s trail blessing"

A Blessing for All Who Walk the Alex Forman Trail

"May you walk this trail with open eyes and hearts not looking for anything, yet spotting the Cooper’s Hawk circling overhead, the polished deer bone below, the jackrabbit in the tall grass. May you walk this trail in playful conversation and profound dialogue, with cosmic awareness and in layered silence. May you bring barking dogs and skipping children, babies in backpacks, teenagers, lovers, and friends. May you feel soft earth and jagged rocks beneath your feet, cool shade, gentle rain and filtered sunlight on your skin. May you marvel at the beauty of the live oaks’ twisted limbs, the smooth bark of the madrone, and the elegant grace of the towering redwoods. May you bring apples and almonds, dark chocolate and tangerines, a water bottle, a thermos of hot ginger tea. But most of all, may you bring your whole, curious self, the way Alex would, and walk this trail in wonder, grateful to be here, in this moment, right now. Lauren Vanett January 9, 2010"

(Thank-you for reading)

© 2016 Agent-Bunny-Boy. Licensed under CC-BY.

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