Can you find me?

Can you find me?

Drawn by Zweby.


In this drawing I will be slowly adding more characters that I've run around and played with! (If I can figure out how). Can you find them all?


-Bo'bliff you better find him



-Justin's hat missing a fish

-Spunky F.G.

-Me wearing an awesome bear hat (with pom poms) :D

© 2013 Zweby. Licensed under CC-BY.
CURSE YOU, WHY DID YOU MAKE 2 DRAWINGS!?! -Still doesn't know anything about this site- —  Zweby
xD The continue function allows to to add to any drawing on the site, and then post the finished product as a new picture. If you're looking for a method of temporarily storing an unfinished picture, if you submit but close the page where it asks to give it a title, it will be saved in your inbox to return to. You can also use the save or quicksave features (see the keylist on the draw page) —  Joe HF
Aw man, I guess this little game isn't gonna be quite the same as I envisioned. Thankyou for the information though; you're very helpful. :) MAY THE SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE BE WITH YOU! —  Zweby
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