Lee and Clementine

Lee and Clementine

Drawn by Kevin.


I recently got into the Walking Dead video game series, and one of the most powerful relationships I've ever seen is the one between Lee and Clementine. So I've decided to immortalize that relationship in a drawing :D And I have to thank Rebecca for giving me a pro account. I can't disappoint her! :P More importantly, I can't disappoint myself. So I'll make it habit to draw here more often, especially since now I've got a Windows PC xD

© 2014 Kevin. Licensed under CC-BY.

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Awesome job, Kevin! It looks great! :D —  Rebeccajj
weee Kevin!!!! great drawing! —  Liar
aww, thanks, guys :D there was actually more to the drawing, but I panned in to rid of the white spaces... it turned out for the best, because you can see the emotion and detail a little better :) —  Kevin
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