SketchPort Insignia

SketchPort Insignia

Drawn by Stupiee.


It's 2016! In the honour of Sketch Port I present you... THE SKETCHPORT INSIGNIA! It'd be great if this symbol could become a thing on the site ahaha (dreaming)

Alstroemeria - Aspiring Phoenix - Immortal Cherub’s Head - Soul Spider - Creativity Ars est celare artem - True art is to conceal art

Did plenty of research haha! I hope you all like it! xoxo

© 2016 Stupiee. Licensed under CC-BY.

Badge Insignia Art

Nice :) Is there an explanation of the different pictures, would be interesting to know. I also like the latin phrase, do you know its origin? Ovid wrote in his Metamorphes *ars adeo latet arte sua*, which transports the same concept (to emphasis the perfectness of a statue created by Pygmalion (the art is that much concealed by its own/inherent art)) —  Lunar Eclipse
Thank you so much, @Lunar Eclipse! I'm glad that you enjoy it. First of all, S stands for Sketch Port. (Obviously) The clown/ mask on top represents "drama" or in my case performance. I personally really love musicals and stuff like that and I think it represents art quite well. I believe "art" consist of four main elements: Creativity, Soul, Passion and Eternity. —  Stupiee
@Lunar Eclipse and the flower is the Alstroemeria, which stands for aspiring. We pursue and we crave for "art". The phoenix stands for immortality, and that is how art or literature is. That's my personal belief though!! :D —  Stupiee
"For all our failings, despite our limitations and fallibilities, we humans are capable of greatness."
Carl Sagan
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