Sketch~anime 08/22/14

Sketch~anime 08/22/14

Drawn by Taku46.


bad handwriting says all...

© 2014 Taku46. Licensed under CC-BY.


@Zakeena Yes! I love this OVA. Even that fanservice was kinda enjoyable. Never knew there were such things as front clip bras before watching this. —  Taku46
@Budgie Dammit I typed more than I should have... —  Taku46
xD HAHA! And that women could masturbate? *BAM* was that too much? xD —  Zakeena
@Zakeena Oh yeah... That was in the manga... Thank god they censored the infamous blowjob for Western distribution. The artist is really good but he seriously has some weird thing for tween girls. —  Taku46
Haha..! Never saw that. xD yeah, some artistes are reaaaaaaaaaaally strange. —  Zakeena
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