I Defeated Jevil Somehow At The Age Of 10 ;-;

I Defeated Jevil Somehow At The Age Of 10 ;-;

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(Game I'm talking about: Deltarune) Let's talk about the game Deltarune before I talk about the topic here so you know about the game a bit more unless you know the game already! Deltarune is an RPG type of game where you play as the character named Kris and you are accompanied by monsters named Susie and Ralsei (An anagram of Asriel from the game Undertale) there are different routes also! Pacifist: Sparing every monster you find in the game! Massacre: Fighting every monster you find in the game! (P.S: It's not like undertale's genocide route because instead of the monsters turning into dust since you killed them, they just ran away so it's not Genocide in Deltarune.) And there IS a secret boss that you can fight and the secret boss's name is Jevil, the character I SOMEHOW defeated at the age of 10 without knowing how to dodge most attacks he uses at the player (Whoever plays the game) and Jevil is extremely difficult to beat... Like, I dunno what's even happening at certain times and I don't even know where all the attacks are going to move at... True chaos.... I kinda don't wanna explain more. I am SO concerned on HOW I beat him....... I might continue later... I need a break tbh-

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Yes, ik... Deltarune is a old game... But I still wanna talk about it and I beat Jevil not long ago... That was yesterday at night-time when I actually beat him unexpectedly. —  Google User
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