hi this is the kiss of love

hi this is the kiss of love

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Read this passage about floods in Tennessee. Then answer the questions.

Nashville Floods

1 People in Nashville, Tennessee, and nearby towns know all about floods. They have seen some bad ones lately. Floods in 2010 left many people without homes. In 2013, many people had to be saved from rising waters, and in 2014, it happened anew. 2 Before the floods, people went to work and school as usual. They drove on safe roads, and they went back to safe, dry homes at night. The things they owned were safe. Then the flash flood came. It was caused by too much rain falling too fast. 3 In Nashville, about six inches of rain fell almost all at once. The ground could not absorb all the rain. Water began to fill every low spot. As more rain fell, the water level rose. Then the water on the ground began to move fast. 4 Soon, water filled many roads. Trees and utility poles began crashing to the ground, and the power went out. Some people saw water come into their homes. As the water rose, some had to go upstairs. Some even had to climb up on their roof. 5 Cars started to float away, too. Some cars caused damage to other things as the water carried them. The cars were ruined, too. 6 Before the flood, Nashville and other towns managed on their own, but after it they needed help. Aid came from many places. The Red Cross opened a shelter, which gave people a place to stay. Red Cross trucks brought food and water to people in need. Some people helped remove the damaged property and trash left from all the water. Other groups helped rebuild.

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