My Dream Garden

My Dream Garden

Drawn by Agneta Juodenaite.


:) always dreamt doing a garden finnlay came around on makeing it :,3 not sure if im sattisfied with it :,< but cant continue doing it more or i might ruin it... So i will stop now before any catastrophy apears :p

© 2013 Agneta Juodenaite. Licensed under CC-BY.

So many pretty and interesting things to look at :) —  Lunar Eclipse
positive drawing +500 , good luck in everything to you. —  Vomika
very nicely detailed! —  Liar
How lovely, I could happily live here! <3 —  Luna Sea
This artwork was used for a cover art of “Abayama” music album by Merzlux. Thank you. Link: —  Caliph Mutabor
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