Some Random Dude xD

Some Random Dude xD

Drawn by Google User.


I didn't have enough room for him to protect someone- The description I wanted to put if I could have added that one person being protected would have been.... He touch her/him, He attacc random dude, and most importantly... He protecc that girl/boy... Yeah... That would have been the description or name of this totally random drawing! It's lame and I don't care! Have you ever heard about someone actually caring if they got some hate or if it's lame and dumb? I haven't heard anything like that at the time.... Man, I gotta search up that so I can see if someone actually cares about getting hate or anything bad in their comment section- Oh boy i'm definitely gonna search that up on youtube-

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#Didn'tHaveEnoughSpace- #HeWasSupposedToBeProtectingSomeone #E

He protecc random invisible person apparently...- —  Google User
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