In the middle of the night

In the middle of the night

Drawn by Nikko. Part of the album My "heartbreaking" album.


The moon. The stars. The piano. herself.

As she plays her piano, she (soulfully) sings at the lyrics:

  • "Ever since you knew your power, you made me cry."
  • "When my days look low, pull me in close and don't let me go."
  • "Words don't ever seem to come out right but I still mean them, why is that?"
  • "It hurts my pride to tell you how I feel but I still need to, why is that?"
© 2014 Nikko. Licensed under CC-BY.
*-* —  آدم
@Adamichi o_O —  Nikko
"I wanted very much to learn to draw, for a reason that I kept to myself: I wanted to convey an emotion I have about the beauty of the world."
Richard Feynman
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