Japan Letters (Freedom)

Japan Letters (Freedom)

Drawn by Jin4Ever.


Freedom for Ukraine and peace for everyone. :)

© 2014 Jin4Ever. Licensed under CC-BY.

Free Peace World Art

Oh yes its like Letter , i like how you draw/wrote those symbols that really in japan style , for exemple i cant to draw that ! That very nice. —  Vomika
@Vomika You're welcome ! :3 —  Jin4Ever
@Jin4Ever Cooooool Мене дуже подобається і Ти мій дуже добрий друг ! :D —  Vomika
oh thats rly nice :) —  Ana
Freedom for Ukraine and Freedom for all Japan islands ! —  Vomika
"Cherish the certainty of now, it kills you a bit at a time."
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