His Smile... I Miss His Smile.

His Smile... I Miss His Smile.

Drawn by gearstrop.



I've been trying to like, get conditioned to officially becoming a legit military significant other and it was weird. One psychiatrist trip later...

Also my tablet is doing really weird stuff right now and I'm going to have to find software and reinstall stuff, so here is a mouse drawing. Nice, right? Yeah, no. I'm so rusty it's horrible. UGHGHUGHU

I've been applying for jobs and shit too so there's that. I hate being an adult. It's awful. Who would ever think this was ok. It's not ugh. I miss my online friends.

© 2015 gearstrop. Licensed under CC-BY.


his vertical smile XD aw Shan i feel bad for you, i know so well how difficult it is to be so far from the one you love... —  Riff
I hope things look up for you soon —  Imaginary Friend
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