Very is an intensifier in the English language.

Very may also refer to:


  • Véry, a commune in the Meuse department in France
  • Very (lunar crater)
  • Very (Martian crater), named after Frank Washington Very - see List of craters on Mars: O-Z


  • Very (Pet Shop Boys album)
  • Very (Dreamscape album)
  • Very, an album by Miki Furukawa

Other uses:

  • Very (online retailer), a British online retailer
  • VERY TV, a television channel in Thailand


  • Edward Wilson Very (1847-1910), US Navy officer, inventor of the Very flare gun
  • Frank Washington Very (1852–1927), American astronomer
  • Jones Very (1813–1880), American poet, essayist, clergyman and mystic
  • Very Idham Henyansyah, (1974-present), Indonesian serial killer

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