Trunk may refer to:

In biology:

  • Elephant trunk, the proboscis of an elephant
  • Trunk (anatomy), synonym for torso
  • Trunk (botany), a tree's central superstructure


  • Trunk (car), a large storage compartment
  • Trunk (luggage)
  • Trunk (motorcycle), a storage compartment


  • Trunk (software), in revision control
  • Virtual LAN, a trunk port

Other uses:

  • "Trunks" were a group of airlines officially sanctioned by the United States Civil Aeronautics Board in the years prior to deregulation consisting of "the Big Four" airlines and the smaller BN, CS, CO, NA, NE, NW, WA along with Capital Airlines, Colonial Airlines, and Mid-Continent Airlines, permitted to operate a system of air route networks.
  • Trunk, 2013 album by Ulf Lundell
  • Trunk line, in telecommunications, a system of shared network access
  • Trunk shot, auto-trunk camera work
  • Trunk Records, a record label
  • Trunk road, a major road, usually connecting two or more population or commercial centers
  • Trunk show, a merchandising event

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