Wetzel is the name of several persons, places, and other entities:


  • Lewis Wetzel (1763–1808), American frontiersman
  • Karl Friedrich Gottlob Wetzel (1779–1819), German writer
  • George P. Wetzel, Sr. (1921-2014), American legislator and jurist
  • Walter C. Wetzel (died 1945), American soldier, Medal of Honor recipient
  • Donald Wetzel, American baseball player and inventor
  • Robert Lewis "Sam" Wetzel, American army officer
  • Carl Wetzel (born 1938), American hockey player
  • John Wetzel (born 1944), American basketball player and coach
  • Gary George Wetzel (born 1947), American soldier, Medal of Honor recipient
  • Sylvia Wetzel (born 1949), German feminist
  • Julia Wetzel, American cryptologist with the National Security Administration
  • Jake Wetzel (born 1976), American-Canadian rower
  • Dan Wetzel, American writer and sports columnist
  • David Wetzel (born ca. 1980?), American musician, member of the band Ghosty.


  • Wetzel County, West Virginia
  • Wetzel's Pretzels, an American restaurant chain
  • Wetzel's Climbing Mouse, Rhipidomys wetzeli, a species of mouse native to Venezuela.


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