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Animal Sea Octopus Friendly Octopus Abstract Stylized Character

Yay, it's the friendly octopus! Edit: Some people found this a bit creepy. It is not. Please look ...

Shrek Movie Character Orgre

I like Shrek the movie. U.u now i cant even say that without someone saying that disturbing phrase. ...

OC Character

(I promise this is my last doodle for a while.) Both are my characters.

New Oc Original Character Girl Newbie Noob Drawing

I decided to try again.. xD.. I cant work on it anymore i need to sleep.. anyway.. gnight..

Pokemon OC Original Character Testrun

I was frustrated with Sketchport's foreign canvas controls, so I had not posted any experiment ...

Character Oc It was art Then it was this Class 0

But it turned out like this. I really suck. Suck. Suck. These are characters from Class Z(ero) = ...

Oc Odaya Character Drawing Boy Man Guy

an oc of mine, and you can see more of him on my deviant art account :) ...

Character Oc Sketch

Check out how smooth the face is compared to the rest of him. Like always, I take great care to ...

Blue Character Boy Oc Lol Drawing Sketch

I don't even know, I was just doing it randomly, and bam, it became this.

Drawing Oc Character Girl Wip

I really hope it all turns out the way I want it to :3

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