Create may refer to:

  • Creativity, phenomenon whereby something new and valuable is created
  • Create (TV network), an American public television network consisting of lifestyle and human interest programming from the libraries of PBS and American Public Television
  • Chicago Region Environmental and Transportation Efficiency Program, a proposed improvement to the rail lines in the Chicago area
  • Create, one of the four basic functions of persistent storage identified in the acronym CRUD
    • CREATE (SQL), a statement in SQL
  • iRobot Create, a hobbyist robot based on the iRobot Roomba platform
  • Create: New Student Orientation, UBC's Okanagan campus' new-to-UBC student orientation program
  • Create (video game), a 2010 video game published by EA
  • Create (nightclub), a entertainment venue in Los Angeles
  • Create International, an international ministry of Youth With A Mission
  • Create Project, a web-based community focused on communication and sharing between Free and Open Source Creative applications

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