Animal rescue or pet rescue may refer to:

  • Animal rescue group, organizations dedicated to the rescue of animals, including pets, from shelters, to homes
  • Animal Rescue Foundation, San Francisco Bay Area based charity dedicated to pet adoption and other animal welfare works
  • Animal sanctuary, sites dedicated to caring permanently for rescued wild or domestic animals
  • Animal welfare, a general term for the well-being of animals, more specifically the idea of activism towards increasing the well-being of animals
  • International Animal Rescue, international organization dedicated to animal welfare
  • Pet adoption, adoption of pets that have been abandoned by previous owners
  • Rescue dog, dogs placed in homes, from shelters
  • Wildlife rehabilitation, the process of caring for wild animals, with the intent of returning them to their natural environment

Dog Puppy Animal rescue Love

Spencer was in a shelter, a few days away from being put down. Little did he know, his forever ...

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