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Taz Line Figure drawing

eh this is probably gonna be my last post until monday bc im gonna be out of town


i know i wasn't supposed to laugh at "I don't know man, his wife died" but oh well

Taz Black and white Line

my current mood is krav's ever slipping cockney accent,

Taz Black and white

Hey? I'm back home but I really don't have much time for anything proper so here's somethin...

Taz Black and white Font

I'm finally back home from my trip!! so here's a really quick doodle of my Buff Wife killian

Taz Black and white Font Line

what's with the people who draw him with a lip scar...where did it come from


sweetheart...just..just turn the handle....

Taz Art

started the 11th hour arc while I was out of town. it's really fun & I'm lovin this time shenanigan BS

Taz Black and white Figure drawing Line

im never gonna finish this but god the ending of petals to the metal??? it's really something.

Taz Black and white

uhh i can't figure out how i wanna draw avi but im leanin towards the one on the right lol (even...

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