M45 or M-45 may refer to:

In science:

  • Messier 45, an open star cluster also known as the Pleiades
  • 45th known Mersenne prime
  • M45 genetic marker, a genetic marker on the Y-chromosome
  • Yahoo M45, a supercomputing cluster

In transportation:

  • Infiniti M45, a luxury car
  • M45 motorway, a motorway in England
  • M-45 (Michigan highway), a state highway in Michigan
  • M-45, a motorway in Spain

In firearms and military equipment:

  • Carl Gustav M/45, a Swedish submachine gun
  • M45 SLBM, a French submarine-launched ballistic missile
  • M45 Quadmount, a weapon platform with four M2 Browning machine guns
  • MEU(SOC) pistol, the standard-issue side arm for the Force Recon Element of the United States Marine Corps' Marine Expeditionary Units.
  • A variant of the M26 Pershing medium tank, initially named T26E2.


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