Rain Gore Weather Blood

Well this..ermm.... creation is a Halloween special. Some of you DMT players know who she is...

Jokes Gore Blood

Why was 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 8 9!...yeah I know its dumb but I was bored lol. Don't judge xD

Prom Murder Dress Green Gore Blood

My entry for the Evil Twin Challenge. My evil twin getting revenge on the poor girl who beat me...

Landscape Flower Gore Blood

My entry for the evil twin from another species challenge :) I must say, I like the evil one...

OMGPOP Gore Blood

OMGPOP of the dying kind challenge. Bloody, creepy, disturbing, that woman......bloody, that's...

"Good judgement seeks balance and progress. Lack of it eventually finds imbalance and frustration."
President Eisenhower
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