Kil or KIL may refer to:

  • Kil, Värmland, the principal town and seat of Kil Municipality, Sweden
  • Kil, Nacka Municipality, a village in Nacka Municipality, Sweden
  • Kil Municipality in Värmland County, Sweden
  • Kil Hundred, or Kils härad, was a hundred of Värmland in Sweden
  • Kil, Telemark, a village in Kragerø municipality, Norway
  • Kilderkin, a measurement of beer, commonly abbreviated as kil
  • kill (body of water), from the Dutch word kil
  • Dordtsche Kil, a short river in South Holland in the Netherlands
  • KIL, a 2014 Malaysian drama film

KIL may refer to:

  • Kildonan railway station in Scotland has National Rail code KIL
  • KIL Toppfotball, a football club in Kongsvinger, Norway
  • Kongsvinger IL, a sports club in Kongsvinger, Norway
  • KIL-168, a Russian rescue/crane ship based in Vladivostok

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