What or WHAT may refer to

  • what, an interrogative pronoun in English:
    • "What?", one of the Five Ws used in journalism
  • Web Hypertext Application Technology
  • Winter Haven Area Transit, a transit system in Florida, US

In entertainment:

  • WHAT (AM), a radio station serving Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
  • What? (film), a film directed by Roman Polanski
  • What, the American title for the film The Whip and the Body
  • What Records, a UK record label
  • What? Records, a US record label
  • What.CD, a private music tracker website for BitTorrent users
  • "What?" (song), a song by Rob Zombie
  • "What" a song by Bassnectar from Vava Voom
  • "What?", a song by Corrosion of Conformity from Eye for an Eye
  • "What?", a song by The Move from Looking On
  • "What", the name of the second baseman in Abbott and Costello's comedy routine "Who's on First?"
  • "What?", the catchphrase of professional wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin

In technology

  • What (ITS utility), a small information utility in the Incompatible Timesharing System


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Richard Feynman
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