Buckeye may refer to:

  • Buckeye (tree), several tree species of the genus Aesculus
  • Buckeye (nickname), a nickname for residents of the U.S. state of Ohio, the "buckeye state"
    • Ohio State Buckeyes, the intercollegiate athletic teams of Ohio State University
    • Brutus Buckeye, the mascot of The Ohio State University
  • Buckeye (chicken), a breed of chicken originating in Ohio
  • Buckeye, a named passenger train operated by the Pennsylvania Railroad between Cleveland, Ohio and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Buckeyes, the athletic teams of Nelsonville-York High School, Nelsonville, Ohio
  • Buckeye Industries, an American aircraft manufacturer
  • Junonia coenia, also called Buckeye, a butterfly in the family Nymphalidae found in the United States and Canada
  • T-2 Buckeye, an aircraft
  • Buckeye candy (a.k.a. Buckeyes), a peanut butter and chocolate candy made to resemble the nut of a buckeye tree
  • "Buckeye", a song by Lamb of God from the album Burn The Priest
  • Buckeye coupler, a railway car coupler
Places in the United States
  • Buckeye, Arizona
  • Buckeye, California (disambiguation)
  • Buckeye, Colorado
  • Buckeye, Indiana
  • Buckeye, Iowa
  • Buckeye, Kansas
  • Buckeye, Kentucky
  • Buckeye, New Mexico
  • Buckeye Township (disambiguation)
  • Buckeye, West Virginia
  • Buckeye Lake, Ohio
  • Buckeye-Shaker, a neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio


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