Butt may refer to:

  • Buttocks, often known as "Butt"
  • Butt (unit), an English brewery cask unit
  • Butt (archery), a target for practicing archery
  • Butt (name)
  • Bhat, a surname in India and Pakistan, also spelled as Butt
  • Butt (magazine)
  • Butt joint, a woodworking joinery technique
  • Butt splice connector, a type of crimp electrical connector
  • Headbutt or butt, a blow administered with the head
  • Buttstock or butt, the back part of a rifle or other firearm
  • The Butt, a 2008 novel by Will Self
  • Der Butt (German; The Flounder), a 1977 novel by Günter Grass
  • Boston butt or pork butt, a pork shoulder
  • Part of a cigarette
  • "Butt Butt", a song by Monrose from Temptation
  • "Water Butt" a Rainwater tank


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