Dylan may refer to:

  • Dylan (name), people named Dylan
  • Dylan Thomas (1914–1953), Welsh poet
  • Dylan (programming language), a language with Lisp-like semantics and ALGOL-like syntax
    • History of the Dylan programming language
  • Dylan ail Don, a sea-god in Celtic mythology
  • Dylan, a high-performance RAID storage system by Quantel
  • Honda Dylan, a high-end 125cc Honda scooter in Vietnam
  • Dylan (play), a 1964 play by Sidney Michaels
  • Bob Dylan (born 1941), American singer and songwriter
    • Dylan (1973 album), a 1973 album by Bob Dylan
    • Dylan (2007 album), a 2007 compilation album by Bob Dylan
    • Dylan Skye Ritter


Changin Times Dylan

A childhood friend of mine just died from lung cancer. I am sad because he leaves his two very ...

"We long to be here for a purpose, even though, despite much self-deception, none is evident."
Carl Sagan
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