Mute may refer to:

  • Muteness, a speech disorder in which a person lacks the ability to speak
  • Mute, a silent letter in phonology
  • Mute (film), a 2005 short film by Melissa Joan Hart
  • Mute (death customs), a professional mourner in Victorian and other European cultures
  • Mute (magazine), an online magazine of culture and politics
  • Mute (music), a device used to alter the sound of a musical instrument
  • Mute (food), a soup from Colombia
  • Mute Records, a record label in the United Kingdom
  • MUTE, a peer-to-peer file-sharing network
  • Mute (album), a 2000 compilation album from Hush Records featuring several indie rock acts
  • Muted (album), a 2003 album from hip hop artist Alias
  • "Mute" (The Twilight Zone), an episode of The Twilight Zone
  • "Mute" (short story), written by Stephen King

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