Misery is a feeling of great unhappiness, suffering and/or pain.

Misery may also refer to:

In entertainment:

  • Misery (novel), a novel by Stephen King
    • Misery (film), a film based on the novel
    • Misery (play), a play based on the novel
  • Misery, an enemy character in the game Cave Story
  • Misery, a character in the television series Ruby Gloom


  • Misery, Somme, a commune of the Somme département, in France
  • Mount Misery (disambiguation)

In music:

  • Misery (band), a death metal band from Brisbane, Australia
  • Misery (EP), an EP by Fuck the Facts
  • "Misery" (Beatles song), a song by The Beatles from their 1963 album Please Please Me
  • "Misery" (hide song), a 1996 song by hide
  • "Misery", a song by Gallows from their 2009 album Grey Britain
  • "Misery", a song by Green Day from their 2000 album Warning
  • "Misery", a song by BoDeans from their 1986 album Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams
  • "Misery" (Good Charlotte song), a song by Good Charlotte from their 2007 album Good Morning Revival
  • "Misery", a song by HAM from their 1989 album Buffalo Virgin
  • "Misery" (Maroon 5 song), from their 2010 album Hands All Over
  • "Misery", a song by Jonathan Kelly's Outside from their 1974 album ...Waiting on You
  • "Misery", a song by Pink from her 2001 album Missundaztood
  • "Misery" (Soul Asylum song), a song by Soul Asylum from their 1995 album Let Your Dim Light Shine
  • "Misery", a song by The Autumn Offering from their 2006 album Embrace the Gutter
  • "Misery", a song by The Kinks from their 1979 album Low Budget
  • "Misery", a song by Therapy? from their 1995 album Infernal Love
  • "Misery", a song by Velvet Acid Christ from their 2003 album Hex Angel: Utopia/Dystopia
  • "Misery", a song by The Moffatts
  • "Misery", a song by Spleen United, featuring Brigitte Nielsen


"Good judgement seeks balance and progress. Lack of it eventually finds imbalance and frustration."
President Eisenhower
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