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Otherwise known as Elizabeth891 from Sketchfu. Avalanto on dA... or that friendly fujoshi next door...

Saw a lot of people migrating over here from Sketchfu, so I decided, "heck, why not" so here I am. I hope I can make your acquaintance, or even better, I hope we can become friends. I have a lot of characters my children that I draw and just hoard. Idk. I adore role playing, so maybe thats why. I wouldn't mind rping with you though. >u<

I will most likely be drawing a lot of sonic/anime on Sketchport. But the other 75% of the time I'm innactive because I am a sucker for Sai.

Welcome to SketchPort! Feel free to let me know about things you miss from Sketchfu so I can fix them. —  magicalhobo
"There are all kinds of interesting questions that come from a knowledge of science, which only adds to the excitement and mystery and awe of a flower."
Richard Feynman
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