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i started watching this show finally. i don't know what's going on.

just wanted to get it out of my drive finally heheh. I left my tablet back home, so won't be ...

Landscape Atmospheric phenomenon Ecosystem Iceberg Ice Arctic Wind

I started this in November and forgot where i was going with it, heh. I think it wasnt turning out ...

Inukshuk Arctic Landscape Red Color Blue Landform Desert Sky Erg Habitat Sea

Very quick drawing, while I should be packing for tomorrow. I am still not good at touch screen ...

Shark Fish Underwater Sea Great white shark

Hello, I am back. Haha. Finally. Got a little impatient with this one towards the end. Will ...

Sunset Biolumiscence Silhouette Glowing

Based mostly on some random photo I came across somewhere on the internet. :) ...

Bread Baking

quick doodle of a few styles of breads and viennoiseries.

Winter Cold

I joined Sketchport three years ago today, so here's something to commemorate this wonderful ...


My room that I am renting (and Vancouver) is so damp that I can only draw water. This doesn't look ...

Beach Sunset

The day after I arrived in Vancouver, my house mate took me to a clothing-optional beach. Everybody ...


Drew this while trying to figure out a collaboration.

Ice cream

Inspired by my little buddy Eden Rose. on enight, she screamed at her father, "I'm never eating my ...


I don't think my first test will ever post, so hhere's my second. :)

Collab with Papchan, Zakeena and Liar, and Midnightstories (I think) :)

I started this a long time ago, and decided now would be an okay time to finish it. :) Meow.

Deep sea Sea creature Tentacles

I don't think I'll ever be completely happy with this guy, but I'm done with him for now. :3

Deep sea Bioluminescence Smile Sea creature

Angler Fish rarely looks happy when she smiles. I drew this in a little over an hour, pretty happy ...

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