I normally abhor drawing people, but it isn't so bad when I focus is the clothes, not so much the people :)

I'm sorry if you are getting tired of these, SP lol

More mouse drawings. Hopefully I don't get used to drawing with one. That's a scary thought xD

More mouse drawing. Trying to take the edge off of my drawing needs while I wait for the return...

I took one of Azzah's lovey patterns and attempted to draw with my mouse....I really miss my...

Something quick and silly. Picked some colors from the wheel and stuck to them

Something quick, playing around with the color wheel and fill tool.

Blue Dress

One of the dresses from my dress sketch drawing

Dresses Dress

I was gonna draw a more complete drawing...then I got bored........ lol

Purple Gold Afro Challenge Wings Dress

My stylus died T_T This could have been so much better :/ It's my entry to Gibber's challenge, Enjoy

Diva Woman Dress

I tried the SP app again. Yup, that means I was bored in one of my classes xD Enjoy :3

Pink Dress

I decided to try out the SketchPort desktop app. I must say it's convenient to draw in class now...

Green Dress

I promise! this is the last of the bunch of dresses I drew lately! lol Enjoy :3

Dress Clothing Colorful

I was just killing time until my next class lol. Everything I attempt to draw now is turning...

Dress Clothing Purple

Guess I'm in a dress up kinda mood lol. And yeah, I know the phrase is "Pretty in Pink", but I...


idk, I just felt like drawing clothes lol. Enjoy :3

Dress Red

From my evil prom queen drawing, I realized that I really enjoy drawing dresses. Enjoy :)

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