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Sky Challege

Here are all the skies for the sky challenges! Feel free to continue one!

The Fuglies

Home of my unfortunate looking fairies lol

Personal Challenge

So moudly challeged me to color ALL his black and white draws....look what I diddddddddddddd C:

20 mins or less

This is the home of my "quicky" drawings.


I normally abhor drawing people, but it isn't so bad when I focus is the clothes, not so much the people :)

Clarinet :D

Clarinets are just awesome, ok? xD I love my Clarinet. Playing and drawing it :) ![Oil painting I did][1] [1]: http://th08.deviantart.net/fs70/200H/i/2013/274/c/6/clarinet_by_uneekl4evr-d6ovi1b.jpg

Daily Challenge entries :3

These are my entries for the daily challenges :)

uneek's landscapes

For some reason, I find myself always ending up drawing landscapes so I figured I just put them all together lol. Enjoy :)

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