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For those who want to get into the games or movie Industry, this is for you. I was thinking that it would kewl to go through all of the feng zhu videos as a guide to getting better at concept work. We're going to be doing one every week. Until we hit the current episodes. So that is about 60 weeks or so. But we're gonna move slow so everyone can keep up.

  Our theme this week will be Space ship launch pads.  Alien or human, or steampunk, ect.

Try to put in some perspective lines even if they suck. Gotta start somewhere. Try to paint the launch pads from a different direction than in the videos. Let's take advantage of the import function (the "O" key).

  Get some good reference photos. If you can take them yourself, that's the best.

What is even cooler is if you can turn an everyday object like a car or a saltshaker into a launch pad by taking a photo of it then drawing and painting over it. So with out further ado.

Here are the videos we will watch.



Excellent! I will have to do this one. —  magicalhobo
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