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For those of you who stand at the edge of the abyss, the light calls you to this world to bring your love to it. For without you, the world is a darker place.

Believe in each others dreams.

Hey thanks for the likes honestly even if my stuff isn't amazing or anything I appreciate the support! your art is awesome! tysm! —  Deactivated
Hey thanks for the welcoming —  Kynzie Hawkins
your art is amazing! —  YinniYang
Thanks YinniYang-san :D —  Gibbermagash
no problemo! GET ON CHAT i hekka bored~~ —  YinniYang
Hiya Gibb! —  YinniYang
Hiya Yinni :D —  Gibbermagash
Gibb! hiya! —  YinniYang
Interesting gallery! —  imnotsana
Hey Gibb-san! —  YinniYang
hey gib wanna do a collab —  YinniYang
Is this how I reply? I'm new to here lol. NP, thanks ^^. Love your art! Don't mind me binge liking. —  aWeirdLute
hey i like ur drawings alot there really good —  hailey_honeybee
Thnx :D —  Gibbermagash
Hi! Yahoo keeps giving error so I opened a second account now lol :) —  moneywithptc.
Yeah I did that for a while. I would let hobo know that you're account isn't working. —  Gibbermagash
Hello😎😍 —  twinbig
Herro —  Gibbermagash
Wowo your drawing are the best : O —  Google User
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"Good judgement seeks balance and progress. Lack of it eventually finds imbalance and frustration."
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