Font Challenge; Laser^2

Font Challenge; Laser^2

Drawn by Joe HF for the Create your own font challenge. Part of the album Random Challenges.


I just took characters from my keyboard, so they're not in ASCII order, and I have no idea whether a duo-chrome font is technically feasible, but it's more of a design thing than an implementation thing, right?

© 2013 Joe HF. Licensed under CC-BY-SA.

Font Challenge Laser Angular

Nice typeface..*cough cough* the baseline and the stroke makes a really awesome concept without the color just white on black..Wait... huh i have no idea on what i'm saying..But nice concept and you nail RULE #5 right on the head..because of the color red —  ch1ris23
@ch1ris23 lol :D I agree ! <3 red —  Aya Mulder
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