A few things done specifically for a challenge or ongoing collaboration theme drawings

Nature Underwater Jellyfish Alien Animal UFO

I saw one of these on an Attenborough documentary, and was definitely expecting the theme from...

New style Doctor Who Sci-Fi Costume Cosplay Colin Baker Challenge Collab

My entry to zakeena's New style Challenge; I thought the Sixth Doctor look might work xD Based...

Giraffe Snowflake Lick Challenge Collab

It was an opportunity too good to miss. Based on Chris' What Caught a Snowflake on its Tongue?...

Halloween Robot Terminator Lightning Vampire Scary Joe HF Future

I'm told I have quite a scary face normally, so only a few quick adjustments were needed to make...

"I Know Kung Fu" Night Meteor Monochrome

Just testing whether the Matrix achievement is still available xD

River Tam Xkcd Firefly Serenity Sci-Fi Science Fiction Space Spaceship

Just an idea I borrowed from Randal Munroe. Idea used under CC_BY_NC. River Tam character by...

Space GPS Robot Collab Satellite Science Fiction Sci-Fi

I had a play with Kassy's Map Inspired. I had a go at putting the map back in, then robot-ified...

Pets Animal Shezzy Charlie Dog Duck Goose Friends

I saw this one on Duolingo, and thought of Shezzy and Charlie. "The dog has a duck"

Font Challenge Laser Angular

I just took characters from my keyboard, so they're not in ASCII order, and I have no idea...

Vase Sunflowers Challenge

Azzah's line looked lonely, so I reflected it and made the pair of them into a vase.

Collab Tree Parrot Animal Space Moon Night

Edit of Sketchy's Nocturnal Parrot; itself a combination of Primmie's Scenery and Feathers....

"If we crave some cosmic purpose, then let us find ourselves a worthy goal."
Carl Sagan
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