Map Reintroduced

Map Reintroduced

Drawn by Joe HF. Part of the album Random Challenges.


I had a play with Kassy's Map Inspired. I had a go at putting the map back in, then robot-ified it a little. This guy talks to the robot that really lives in my pocket, but he's probably lonely, because my robot doesn't talk back.

© 2013 Joe HF. Licensed under CC-BY-SA.

Space GPS Robot Collab Satellite Science Fiction Sci-Fi

Very nice! How long did you spend putting in the dark yellow over the light yellow? —  Kassy
@Kassy Coan Not too long, actually. I used rapid spirals with the fill tool with my pen. Maybe a minute of scribbling or so for each of the zones. My hand ached a little though. —  Joe HF
@Joe HF poor hunhun —  Aya Mulder
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