Drawn by Chris for the art passion challenge.


'Magic-scratch-paper' now available at select SketchPorts.

Thanks again, Kassy, for your "finger painting" sketchport. :)

© 2013 Chris. Licensed under CC-BY.

Wow ! this so pretty <3 Loved it XD —  LittleFawn
Oh WOW. I cannot express how much I love this. The contrast, the sheer fluidity...and of course the anatomy of the hand is spot on xD This is one of my favorite piece ever! —  Jini
This is awsome i could only draw anime T__T —  nightstar
@Jini I'm glad you like it. :D I used a photo for reference. It's an interesting foreshortened view of the hand that you can't see without a camera unless you hold your hand inches away from your eye. I thought you'd like the fluid and water crown after I saw your photos. Looking at it now I see right away how impossible it'd be for the ripple/crown/etc. to form. I guess in art you don't have to worry about any of that. ;) —  Chris
@Azzah B.A Thanks Azzah! <3 @nightstar I think you can do it. You just gotta start drawing things outside of your comfort zone. :) —  Chris
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