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Hi I'm Lilyfield and this is my profile, clearly.

I love video games, and much more but video games are my main likes.

I'd just like to say thank you to everyone who follows me and votes up my artworks! It's much appreciated!

So i couldn't really go into towns cause of this.. —  MUMON
yeh fur me I had a npc companion, but she was just there.When we were in combat she seemed useless,at some I was just like...''What are you here for?'' I was around a mile or two from any town, I secretly murderderered her and I get chased automatically once i enter a few meters radius. —  MUMON
Heeee, At this point I really wonder if I completed skyrim or it just keeps going,...-w- yeee Must be my attention span —  MUMON
I sorta Played another game called vampire:the masqurade during the time i played skyrim after completing that game [epic!!~!ness!1:~] I had alreading completely forgotten about skyrim as i have short term memory and low attention span so I think My one major achivement in skyrim would probably be....Just doing random stuff —  MUMON
Well the beginning of the game's cutscene was sorta confusing since i really didn't know what happened to change me into a vampire..Oh who's your favorite youtuber? —  MUMON
Hi there! I'm Misameiko from Sketchfu x'P Maybe u remember me... :D —  Patricia López Ra...
@Patricia López Ra... Hi, I can't say I do remember you, I'm afraid DX (so sorry) most of the time I remember people by their artwork, not names D: —  Lilyfield
I upvote all of your drawing!, now you can upvote mine :)! —  Papachan
s' fine —  MUMON
Hey Best friend :) —  Sasha Rotherham
You're very welcome! :) —  Crevasse
you're welcome~! —  -
@Lilyfield np i just really like your drawings :D —  ChelC
@ChelC Thank you, I'm glad you like my drawings. It makes one of us at least ^^ —  Lilyfield
@Lilyfield Lol you shuld like them too XD their amazing :3 —  ChelC
@ChelC I don't really think much of my drawings, there's so many better artists out there XD But thank you for the compliments, I appreciate it ^^ —  Lilyfield
And thank you for drawing so good. :) —  Zippy the Wonderslug
@Zippy the Wonderslug Ha, it's just practice and a lot of doodles that's all XD Anyone could do it really. —  Lilyfield
No need to thank me! You deserve it. —  Mouldy Sponge
<3 :P —  Luna Sea
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