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play with us —  Cryingwolf
Ohhh thank you so much >///< —  suarung
Thank you ^^ —  Lilyfield
Thank you so much :D —  Lilyfield
How could anyone not love Skyrim? XD —  Lilyfield
So I take it you play? What's your Dragonborn? Mine's a Nord, lol. —  Lilyfield
Pc.. nice, I'm stuck on Xbox 360. Imperials or Stormcloaks? —  Lilyfield
I'm the opposite, in those type of games, I always do two things - Look for awesome loot or getting so annoyed trying to find it that I just do the main quests XD Are you getting Elder Scrolls: Online? I think it looks cool but I don't know. —  Lilyfield
I don't think I am either, I don't even take a npc companion with me. I work alone and so having real people wanting to search for loot with me doesn't really appeal. If anything I'd mostly wait until we got attacked by monsters and bolt in an effort to try and escape. —  Lilyfield
I remember that I only use to get letters of inheritance when I got Dawnguard and vampire kept attacking my towns and kept killing people and not the common ones either, for some reason the vampires always killed shopkeepers XD —  Lilyfield
I hate having bounties on your head - that makes life so much hard. I never understood how when you're doing quests for the Dark Brotherhood and you kill someone but no one saw you and yet they all know it's you even if you wear a mask or something. —  Lilyfield
That reminds me of Fable, you can be an assassin in that game and well, you go assassinate people, then you go in a town and there is a bard there, which of course, you can pay to sing about how heroic and epic you are. Then when he starts singing, he sings about all your assassination quests and you stand there like 'What?! How do you even know about that?! No one was there!' —  Lilyfield
I finished one game - not completely because a few quests glitched and then I started a new game.... though I haven't played in so long I can't remember. —  Lilyfield
Oh! I've heard of Vampire: The Masquerade, one of my favourite youtubers was playing it. I thought it looked pretty cool, even if I have no idea what it is about. I was playing Skyrim at the time when I heard about it but I went on to Dragon Age: Origins. —  Lilyfield
Cry or Pewdiepie or Kpopp XD I think they are pretty epic. —  Lilyfield
thanks a lot c: —  RES
Thank you! ^^ —  Lilyfield
its an online forum/avatar based game! —  Lamote
Is...ur...fb broken?? Ima go on poao —  Cryingwolf
Thank you for the votes up XD —  Lilyfield
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